mIndfully thinking

It’s important to every once in a while open up the mind and see where it takes one. In a world that is ever changing, we loose sight on what is important to us and who we are as a person.

I’ve always believed that I am a head strong person that can do anything and get anywhere I want, but in retrospect, I have my off days which have started to appear more frequently. I did not notice it at first, but then I started to notice small changes in my behaviour. I was not as positive or energetic and I slowly started to do less in the day. I lost sight of who I am and focused more on everything that is negative in my life.

To bring myself back into a more positive mindset and a place of mindful thinking, I started to meditate and here is what happend:

I started to focus on my breathing, noticing how when I get nervous, my breath quickens. I noticed that there are many things that make me nervous.

After I understood that I get nervous quickly, I started to focus on meditating on ways to control the nervousness. This helped immensely by showing me that there is more than one way to do something and that sometimes the nervous feeling, is not just being nervous, it’s excitement or in other cases fear.

As I meditated, I found that one emotion lead to another deeper emotion having a snow ball effect in my already cluttered and chaotic brain. To change my way of thinking, I first have to de-clutter my mind like a cluttered bedroom that needs cleaning before being able to study peacefully in it.

How to declutter

  1. Sit with your eyes closed and spend 4 minutes quickly sorting through everything that is making you nervous.
  2. Focus on your breathing, do not change the way you breath, just focus on how you are breathing.
  3. Take 3 deep breaths in and slowly release it while you let go of any negative thoughts and push them aside. Spend 2 minutes releasing the negative thoughts.
  4. Then finally take one deep breath and slowly open your eyes.

I know it sounds utterly ridiculous, I had the same thoughts too about not believing in breathing methods to help release anxiety, fear, stress, or excitement. In truth, every person’s body, mind and soul works differently and you have to experiment to find what works for you.

After decluttering your thoughts you can focuse on breathing positivity, happiness, and warmth into you mind. This will help improve your overall mood, mental stability and sleep.

How to breath positively

  1. Close your eyes and breath deeply.
  2. When you have found a rhythm in your breathing, breath in stuff that makes you happy or a positive affirmation.
  3. Hold the breath for a tiny bit.
  4. Then finally release the breath as you release any negative thoughts clouding your brain.
  5. Do this a few more times till you feel calm and then open your eyes.

I really hope that these tips helped you or guided you into discovering more about yourself and your mental health. Stay mIndfulyhealthy.

mIndfully alone

I was lonely. My boyfriend left me and moved back to his hometown and I was left alone to go through the pain, re-living every great experience we shared together alone. I did not want to go through that pain once again, feeling completely useless, lost and alone.

We tend to latch onto people so tightly it leaves no space for us to breath. I completely engulfed myself in his life and left no space to be my own person. Even knowing all of this I still did not quite know how to be mindfully alone, I spent so much time researching and distracting myself that I lost the ability to be silent and happy. I needed the numbing sound of someone else talking in my ears in order to not completely break down, and that’s when I knew I needed to change.

I put away all my distractions and got to work on how to be alone, mindful of the fact that I am alone, without breaking down. This is what I came up with:

Go outside

Getting out of a negative state of mind is extremely difficult and near to impossible, if you stay in the same place the whole time, whether that place is your bed or your couch in front of the TV. Go outside for fifteen minutes to half an hour every day in complete silence. Take a few deep breaths, clear your mind and become aware of your surroundings. After becoming comfortable with this and appreciating everything about it, bring a book next time, do some art in the fresh air, eat your breakfast on the grass or maybe even do a workout outside.


Exercise is one of the best was to release dopamine which in turn causes you to be happier. You will not be happy the first time you do a core workout or walk around the block but, in time, you will notice a difference, not only in your mood but in your health as well.


Meditate and reflect on what is bothering you and the events that took place without putting a filter on your mind and restricting your thoughts. Meditation is a great way to switch your negative mindset into a more positive mindset giving you a chance to let your mind explore itself and find different situations or thoughts that are causing you to be a lot more negative about your situations. Every situation is valid and difficult for different reasons and people. That is why letting your own mind explore the situation is a great way to get away form what everyone else is saying about the situation and find what is truly happening inside of you.

Find a new hobby

This is one that was very difficult for me to do. I was so focused on everything that I was missing out on, that I never got out and just did something. You need a way for your hands and mind to be creative, whether it’s in music, art, journal and so forth. By finding a new hobby you change your focal point and focus more on what you enjoy doing instead of doing what everyone else is doing.

Reconnect with family

We tend to forget that family is the best source of friendship. It is so easy to forget that they are always there for you and have alot of the same interests as you do, they truly are your closest friends. Family is not defined by the blood we share but by the people we hold closest to our hearts and souls. Not all blood relieves are healthy influences in your life, create your own family that raises you up instead of having a negative impact on you.

Be alone

Relise that it is ok to be alone and that you have a life of your own to create and navigate. Understand that you are alone but you are mindfuly alone helping you be alone without feeling lonely.

I really hope that these tips helped you or guided you into discovering more about yourself and your mental health. Stay mIndfulyhealthy.